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English Reborn on Official Hiatus


Well, looks like we finally got our answer.

The reason for this Hiatus? People aren't buying it.

So that says something. They go by the sales. If people want more Reborn in English, just buy it. No matter what, crappy translations are better than nothing at all.

Buy here:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Reborn!+&x=22&y=20#/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Reborn!+Viz&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3AReborn!+Viz

Rightstuf: http://www.rightstuf.com/cgi-bin/catalogmgr/wf2U2V74IoQZmihgnF/browse/search/5/4/0/0/results/desc/asc/50/1


Btw the way, to anyone who wants to know. I DID contact Viz about it.


I suggest you all do the same. Silently complaining and silently boycotting it will not get their attention. They probably don't even KNOW fans are boycotting their translations and just automatically assume it isn't popular/not doing well.

And also, I do not mean to sound like Im on a high horse, but as faytseeker said, I only have the best interest of this series in mind.

Manga sales lead up to anime licensing, leads to more products being made in the US, leads to more products for fans to buy. Please try to understand this.
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